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Expired Domains For Sale

December 11th 2019 10:40PM
This sale would be impossible, if the domain is locked. Make Offer - MARIJUANA & CANNABIS Business For Sale-Domain Name- GOT POT ...

Where you can buy a penthouse across Australian for less than $1 million

December 11th 2019 9:00PM
And while they can certainly still claim that mantle – the most expensive residence ever sold in Australia was the recent sale a $140 million off-the-plan ...

Non-Commercial users ask for three change to .Org contract

December 11th 2019 8:26PM
(I find it perplexing that ICANN has shoehorned provisions of new top level domain contracts into legacy extensions without considering the history of ...

"Social Media Influencer Sentenced to 14 Years … After Plotting to Hijack Internet Domain

December 11th 2019 7:41PM
A man who enlisted his cousin to break into a Cedar Rapids man's home and order him at gunpoint to transfer an Internet domain was sentenced ...

Dot Org users worried prices will increase under private ownership

December 11th 2019 5:26PM
The key difference between .com and .org domains is that dot orgs are ... Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, said of the sale: ...

Would you pay $120 to attend a fashion show?

December 11th 2019 4:52PM
It was once the exclusive domain of media, buyers and VIPs but in 2020 Australian fashion week will open its runways to the public for the first time ... the time they go on sale, while others have found the trends they showcase on the ...

China loves .Com

December 11th 2019 4:07PM
Although smaller in number, .com is king in corporate China and has achieved the highest prices in domain sale. A small sample is listed below.
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